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Project Wingman Modding Guides

Simple Texture Replacement Guide

This texture replacement method uses a simple tool-set comprised of lightweight portable apps and python scripts. This guide covers extracting, converting, and re-packing textures for Project Wingman.

Alternate Texture Replacement Guide by Valor

This guide covers converting and packing textures using a different toolset than the one above. If you have problems running Python scrips, give this one a try.

Blender Quick Start

This guide covers exporting 3D models using UE Viewer, and importing the model & your texture into Blender.

Dialog Editing & Audio Replacement by Lavernius Regalis#9919

These guides cover extracting, editing, and replacing music, dialog, and subtitles.

Unofficial Project Wingman Modding Wiki

Community-run wiki for common modding resources, guides and links.


Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker

This tool allows you to freely move the camera around, change depth of field, freeze time, remove the HUD, and enable supersampling; all on-the-fly. Indespensible for taking screenshots.

Useful Links

Collection of useful links for aircraft skin-makers. Aircraft walkarounds, visual reference sites, scale model decal sheets, and more.

Ostrich's Texture Mods

All of my texture mods can be found on ModDB & Nexus.