Ace Combat X2 Joint Assault HD Texture Pack


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Version 1.12
Updated Aug. 22, 2020

[Download - Mega]
[Download - Google Drive]

Add-on skins, emblems, and effects can be downloaded here.


This pack contains remastered HD textures for all 264 playable aircraft liveries in Ace Combat X2 Joint Assault, as well as a high resolution HUD, UI enhancements, fonts, improved scenery objects, and high quality (customizable) emblems. Made to use with the excellent PPSSPP emulator.

Video Tutorial

Justin Els has made an excellent step-by-step emulation tutorial for Ace Combat X and Joint Assault. This comprehensive guide covers installation, configuration, and optimization of the PPSSPP emulator, as well as installation of this pack.

Check it out here;


Automatic Install
  1. From the PPSSPP main menu;

     Click Load → Browse to the downloaded Zip file and open
     Drag and Drop the downloaded Zip file onto the PPSSPP window

  2. In PPSSPP's settings menu, check 'Replace Textures' under Settings→Tools→Developer_Tools

  3. Turn off 'Texture Scaling' under Setting→Graphics→Texture_Scaling

  4. Set I/O Timing Method to Host under Settings→System→Emulation

  5. This pack includes a high resolution replacement for the English PSP system font. You can find the PSP system font, and instructions on installing it here

  6. For best results set render resolution to 4x PSP (or higher). If you have a powerful graphics card, enable postprocessing shader Supersampling AA (Gauss)

Manual Install
  • Extract the contents of the zip file to: ..\Documents\PPSSPP\PSP\TEXTURES\ULUS10511

    Click for JP & EU Version

    JP: ..\Documents\PPSSPP\PSP\TEXTURES\NPJH50263

    EU: ..\Documents\PPSSPP\PSP\TEXTURES\ULES01408

    Note: If you are using the portable version of PPSSPP, the install path is: ..\ppsspp\memstick\PSP\TEXTURES\ULUS10511

Customizing Emblems

With this pack installed, you can easily replace the default emblems, with your own. Simply overwrite any of the .png files in ..\Documents\PPSSPP\PSP\TEXTURES\ULUS10511\emblems with your own.

Please note the following;

  • The images are flipped vertically (not rotated 180)
  • All emblems must have a square aspect ratio (64x64, 128x128, or 256x256)
  • Emblems must be in PNG format with a transparent background

Changing Button Prompts

By default, this pack uses XBox Controller button prompts.

To use Playstation prompts, copy the files from ..\interface\fonts\playstation
into ..\interface\fonts\ and overwrite when prompted.