Ace Combat X HD Texture Pack

Last Updated on June 19, 2019

Download Pack v1.10.4   [changelog]

New! Optional effects add-ons now avaliable here.


This pack for Ace Combat X contains remastered HD textures for all 160 playable aircraft liveries, all-new high resolution HUD, fonts, menus, improved scenery objects, briefings and more. Made to use with the excellent PPSSPP emulator.


  1. Extract the contents of the zip file to: ..\Documents\PPSSPP\PSP\TEXTURES\ULUS10176

    Click for JP & EU Version

    JP: ..\Documents\PPSSPP\PSP\TEXTURES\ULJS00086

    EU: ..\Documents\PPSSPP\PSP\TEXTURES\UCES00423

    Note: If you are using the portable version of PPSSPP, the install path is: ..\ppsspp\memstick\PSP\TEXTURES\ULUS10176

  2. In PPSSPP, check 'Replace Textures' under Settings→Tools→Developer_Tools

  3. Turn off 'Texture Scaling' under Setting→Graphics→Texture_Scaling

  4. For best results set render resolution to 4x PSP (or higher). If you have a powerful graphics card, enable postprocessing shader Supersampling AA (Gauss)

Changing Button Prompts

By default, this pack uses XBox Controller button prompts.

To use Playstation prompts, copy the files from ..\interface\fonts\playstation
into ..\interface\fonts\ and overwrite when prompted.



This pack was inspired in part by Youtuber TugaAvenger's 2017 texture pack which kicked-off ACX modding.

Thanks to the buddies on /aceg/, for providing a ton of feedback as this was being made; and to Abbanon from the PPSSPP community who's keen eye for details has found dozens of bugs.

This pack wouldn't be possible withouth the excellent work done by the PPSSPP team.