Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy HD Texture Pack


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  4. Emblems
  5. Button Prompts
  6. ZOE Falken Mod
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Version 0.9.2b
Updated Nov. 18, 2023

[Download - Mega]
[Download - Google Drive]


This HD texture pack for Ace Combat Assault Horizion Legacy+ replaces the user interface, menus, fonts, HUD, emblems, and more with textures designed for modern high resolution displays. In addition, it doubles the resolution of in-game textures for the player's aircraft.

This pack is a test release and only supports the English version of Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy+, additional language support will be added eventually.

Made for use with the Citra 3DS emulator.


Before beginning, you must have Ace Combat AHL+ installed in Citra, and have launched the game at least once. At the moment this pack has only been tested with the US version of the game.

  1. In Citra, Enable Use Custom Textures (Emulation → Configure → Graphics → Use Custom Textures)

  2. Unzip the contents of the downloaded archive to; %appdata%\Citra\load\textures\000400000015C000\

  3. If you are having trouble locating the correct directory, right click on the game from the main menu and click Open Custom Texture Location

Customizing Emblems

With this pack installed, you can easily replace the emblems on Phoenix's aircraft with your own. Simply overwrite the files in %appdata%\Citra\load\textures\000400000015C000\emblems

Please note the following;

  • Images must be PNG format with a transparent background
  • They must have a square aspect ratio, in power-of-two sizes (eg. 64x64, 128x126, 256x256, etc.)
  • Each emblem appears as 2 files, you must replace both.

Changing Button Prompts

By default, this pack uses Xinput Controller button prompts. Dualshock and 3DS/Switch style prompts can be downloaded here.

To install, simply extract the file you wish to use to %appdata%\Citra\load\textures\000400000015C000\ and overwrite when prompted.

ZOE Falken Mod

Rythus has created a model swap that replaces the playable Falken with the ZOE version seen in AC2. You can download it here.

Installation instructions included in ZIP file.



Created by Ostrich using GIMP and Blender

Albireo, Beast, Cocoon, and Lancer Squadron Emblems by Achako04

The HUD font (ACES5) by GamingRoach